Solo Week

In just over a day, Elysa will be leaving for a week-long island vacation with her extended family at an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. I will be staying home, doing bachelor things like eating dinner over the sink and going days without putting on pants. It’s been over eight and a half years since Elysa and I have spent more than a couple days apart. While I’m really not looking forward to this, I think I’m prepared to make the best of it. My goals for the week include the following: take my meds as directed, go to bed at night, eat food every day, be extra careful to avoid frostbite if I play outside, feed cats and scoop potty boxes as needed, empty mailbox on mail days, try to heal my scabby ear canals, and make a dent in my mending pile. I also hope to post about my progress to my blog here while pretending that I’m not just shouting into the void.


One time when I was riding in the car with Elysa, I saw some construction cranes.
I said, “Cranes make me think of physics.”
Elysa replied, “Everything makes you think of physics.” She was right.
Now when I see cranes, it makes me think of how everythinig makes me think of physics.