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I backdated yesterday’s post to the time when I first tried to publish it. I didn’t actually get it online until after 10 this morning. My internet connection did this fascinating thing last night where it stopped being able to locate my blog website here. I could still view all the other websites I wanted to. I could view this one on my phone, but that’s pretty inconvenient.

I ran around doing nerd stuff for a while. I ruled out everything I could fix on my own. I’ve learned that if I can’t figure it out, tech support probably won’t be able to help me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a better option. I spent the next two or three hours chatting online with tech support. (I like that modern technological trends have accidentally made more things accessible to deaf people.) In that time, the friendly tech support person determined that they could not help me.

Someone is supposed to call me back in the next day or two, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hear the person who calls. The odds are not in my favor. In any case, I should practice my butch voice so they take me seriously. Looks like I’ll be accessing my blog from my phone for a while.

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